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“Whereas, on camera, you just quite literally have to think it. I realized that you could actually have a whole range of thoughts in a short space of time, and the camera would see them all.”

To think actively and bring such nuanced expression to life, while doing an activity, be totally preoccupied with an offscreen event, and follow your flights of thought from it, using your inner energy to springboard from one thought to the next, irrespective of the scene’s text. Or take this analogy ``Be like a duck—calm on the surface, but always paddling like the dickens underneath.”

What Are The Different Types of On-Camera Acting?

Here are some of the main genres of on-camera acting

This is acting for a story that can generally stand alone as a piece in-and-of itself. It’s important to remember it’s intended to be shown on gigantic screens, even though watching films from the comfort of your own computer or TV is becoming more and more popular as technology advances

Acting for TV means that you’re acting for a show that’s usually part of an ongoing storyline. TV is having a bit of a renaissance and is of a better, more complex, and varied quality than ever before with the advent of video-streaming services such as Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, etc. So while the format can change—typical 30-minute or one-hour spots to individual series creating film-like episodes (i.e., “Sherlock,” etc.)—there are still two main types of TV filming: single camera and multi-camera

Web series are an extremely popular storytelling method today. They’re usually shorter in length (in the five- to 30-minute range) and are often part of a series that develops characters over time the same way a TV show would. They’re a great way to gain film experience on a smaller scale or even produce your own work. Web series can also be useful for getting footage for reels and having work online that can be easily viewed and shared by industry professionals

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There are specific techniques that help create a more effective performance for each type of acting

Single camera is when there is only one camera shooting, and it’s moved to various angles to get different shots. Multi-camera means multiple cameras are all shooting at the same time. The latter is still the popular method for sitcoms and soap operas

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    Musa Mahoney is a Brazilian, French & Irish mixed American, along with being very worldly in different cultures and the environment. From her creative talents she's specializing in print, internet, commercial and television modeling, being an actress in film and television as well, a user generated content creator on Instagram and Tik Tok platforms and lastly an artist using watercolors, abstract, and pen ink showcasing them in selective galleries.