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Musa Mahoney is a actress, and a print, commercial, fashion and social media model along with being a UGC content creator

While pursuing her career as an actress, she has simultaneously worked as a model with numerous commercial projects featured in Goldman Sachs, Cosmopolitan, Elle, Oprah Magazine, and Comme Baldé along with being in the film industry which includes working on Full Circle, And Just Like That, After Forever, Gossip Girl, Brass Tactics, and The Crowded Room. She is inspired by culture, vegan food, the arts, yoga, and music.

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    Musa Mahoney is a Brazilian, French & Irish mixed American, along with being very worldly in different cultures and the environment. From her creative talents she's specializing in print, internet, commercial and television modeling, being an actress in film and television as well, a user generated content creator on Instagram and Tik Tok platforms and lastly an artist using watercolors, abstract, and pen ink showcasing them in selective galleries.