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Absolute Rubbish A Trashion Show

Meow Wolf Denver is thrilled to present the trash planet of Immensity's very first fashion show, where innovation and sustainability collide in a dazzling display of avant-garde looks. This trashtastic event will feature 20 local designers unveiling their mind-boggling, recycled and upcycled creations on the runway. Plus plenty of music, bar bevs for purchase and a mess of Meow Wolf-i-ness! Get ready to be blown away by the transformation from refuse to remarkable; the trashier the better! Absolute Rubbish will feature pieces from the following designers: Beauty is Pain, Adobe Darko, Tay Jimenez, Idiot Cult, Penny & the Jets, La Adorna, MadVan Design, MadBell, The Blue Muze, Iditadesigners, Eudicotidae, MENEZ, Brandi Shigley-McMichael, MedTRASH, SKYE|AIRE, Glittz and Litter, Hott Pink Matter, Musa da Soujeira, Marginal, Being Things

Gallery of Some Upcycled Fashion

There are specific techniques that help create a more effective piece for each type of clothing such as trashion

Initially trashion was used to describe art-couture costume usually linked to contests or fashion shows; however, as recycling and 'green' fashion have become more prevalent, trashion has taken a turn for the more wearable.

Musa Mahoney is a Brazilian, French & Irish mixed American, along with being very worldly in different cultures and the environment. From her creative talents she's specializing in print, internet, commercial and television modeling, being an actress in film and television as well, a user generated content creator on Instagram and Tik Tok platforms and lastly an artist using watercolors, abstract, and pen ink showcasing them in selective galleries.